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With modern advancements in Roof Coating & Restoration, more and more roofs can be restored & preserved.In 2013 the California Energy Commission passed Title 24 of the California Building Code of Regulations which requires all air-conditioned; Industrial, Commercial, and Multi-Family buildings; to meet High Reflectance Roofing Codes for Energy Conservation. This not only saves on energy costs & reduces carbon footprint by deflecting over 90%of the sun’s heat – it also preserves the roof!

Wilson Pacific Roofing has been applying a wide variety of White Coating Systems to older buildings for over 15 years! Most Materials Manufacturers require the roof structure to be in sound, watertight condition before the Coating System is applied…We begin by performing all necessary repairs to be sure there are no detectable defects & resealing any openings. Also, a clean roof is the key to a long-lasting Roof Coating System, so we Power Wash the entire roof for the deepest clean…this also serves to test the integrity of the repaired roof for leaks.

Which type of Reflective White Coating & the number of layers required will vary from roof to roof depending on its condition. Once the Reflective Coating System is in place, the roof itself is now protected from the elements which slows down the aging process. The roof will be Power Washed a re-coated with a Single Layer of White Coating indefinitely every 10-15 years with no need to ever re-roof again!

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